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Bathtub Temperature Control Valve

A Thermostatic Control Valve (TCV) is used to regulate water temperature to prevent scalding or thermal shock. It blends hot and cold water to maintain a constant temperature before reaching the faucet.

Side Of A Bath

Bathtubs typically have an apron or skirt, which is a flat or bowed visible finished side. However, drop in tubs have no finished sides and are typically installed in an alcove or peninsula within the bath space.

Change Washer On Mixer Tap

To change a washer on a mixer tap, start by turning off the water supply. Then, remove the tap's headgear and the worn washer or O-ring. Replace the washer and examine the spout.

Radiator Bleed Screw Rounded Off

When encountering a rounded nut while trying to remove a radiator bleed valve, one can choose to use grips or file two opposite edges to gain a better grip with an adjustable spanner.

Toilets With Most Powerful Flush

The five strongest flushing toilets are the American Standard Champion 4, TOTO Ultramax, Swiss Madison SM-1T112, Kohler Santa Rosa with AquaPiston technology, and Woodbridge T-0019. These toilets offer strong flushing performance and efficiency, with features such as siphon flushing action, Tornado Flush, AquaPiston technology, and quiet yet powerful flushing systems. These top brands offer great value and are fully engineered for maximum flushing power and durability.

Bathroom Sink Drains Slowly Not Getting Air

A slow draining bathroom sink that is not clogged may be caused by a blocked vent stack, which creates pressure in the drainpipe, inhibiting water flow. It may also be due to a clogged drainpipe/sewer line or a full septic tank.

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